6 Tips For Staying Organized With Kids This Summer In Amelia Island

6 Tips For Staying Organized With Kids This Summer In Amelia Island

published on June 16, 2019 by Brandon Gill



It can be challenging to stay organized when you have children home for the summer. Keeping a very detailed planner is key. You will have the task of planning activities around family vacations and the family work schedule.

This usually means you’ll be bringing your kids to extracurricular activities, play dates, fun events and family outings.

Consider sharing a digital or paper calendar with the entire family. Family members can add events as needed and everyone can access the latest updates. 

1. Don’t Be Too Detailed

The kids are home for the summer and want to hang around, watch TV, play video games and enjoy a more carefree schedule. It's important to schedule time away from electronics. Lighten up on the schedule so that the kids can have free time and time with their friends.

2. Arrange Transportation To Activities

Have other parents engaged in group activities ready to help with transportation to and from group events. This will reduce stress and give you peace that your kids have arrived home safely. 

3. Get Kids To Do Chores During The Summer

Do Things On The Same Day. It’s surprisingly helpful to make a practice of always doing certain things on certain days. For instance, every Friday is change the sheets day. This lets kids know what to expect in their lives and makes it easier for parents to remember things. 

4. Maintain Regular Routines As Much as Possible

Although unstructured days are always nice, it is best to maintain some routines over the summer to make life a little easier

5. Go Over Rules and Safety Guidelines

Summer is a time for outdoor fun, the swimming pool and the beach. Before releasing the kids for summer fun, go over safety rules and safety guidelines. Make sure kids know how to swim or have an adult present. Make sure kids know who to call in the event of an emergency and make sure they have phone numbers. Make the designated adult supervisor aware of any needs your child may have while in their care.

6. Get Involved in Local Parks and Recreation Camps and Activities

Local Parks and Recreation Camps and Activities are usually structured and supervised by city employees. These activities will provide the exercise and socialization your kids need during the day while parents work. 

"The Parks & Recreation Department is committed to enriching the quality of life through exceptional programs, parks, and other facilities, while preserving the community’s natural environment for the enjoyment of our citizens."   

Parks & Recreation | Fernandina Beach, FL - Official Website https://www.fbfl.us/103/Parks-Recreation

Children add so much joy to parents’ lives. When you’re organized, you’ll probably find that you have even more time to share with your little loved ones.

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