Florida Real Estate News. The Florida Economy Is Poised For Long Positive Run

Florida Real Estate News. The Florida Economy Is Poised For Long Positive Run

published on July 16, 2019 by Brandon Gill






ORLANDO, Fla. – June 11, 2019 – A new report from Wells Fargo Securities indicates economic growth in Florida has continued to outpace the nation so far this year and has evolved to enhance long-run competitiveness. "Florida is poised to remain one of the nation's fastest-growing states, however, and growth remains remarkably broad-based across industries and geographies."

No one knows the local real estate market like a Realtor. Our team has closely monitored market trends, news and forecasts that impact the Florida real estate industry and Florida’s economy.

We have watched the Florida economy over the years, and we have seen how it impacts the housing market. The Florida housing market always remains stable and housing is in great demand. Florida is one of the top states for foreign real estate investing and developing.

"Real property – building it, buying it, leasing it, selling it – generates revenue, creates jobs and contributes billions to the state’s economy." Florida REALTORS Chief Economist Dr. Brad O’Connor

 According to: JAX DAILY RECORD - MONDAY, Posted Jun 17, 2019 - Northeast Florida housing market: Where are the signs pointing?

This excerpt is from that the above news article:

The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors revealed its monthly statistics that showed the region saw closed sales of 3,091 in May, which was the first time since June 2018 that sales have exceeded 3,000. April’s sales were not far off at 2,951.

Median sales price for the month was $232,000, a 3.1-percent increase over last year. Homes sold in an average of 66 days.

Source: https://www.jaxdailyrecord.com/article/northeast-florida-housing-market-where-are-the-signs-pointing


From the Florida REALTORS - Fla. economy poised for long, positive run

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